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Insurance Carriers


TruHealth’s Physician Services Program provides a comprehensive suite of services designed to take your medical practice to the next level. Our clients understand the value of outsourcing complex tasks like marketing and insurance paneling, allowing them to focus their efforts on providing outstanding patient care. 

Independent Healthcare Providers

TruHealth serves independent healthcare providers who enjoy the freedom of working for themselves. While this independence has distinct advantages over full-time employment at hospitals and large healthcare systems, it also has its challenges.

This is where truHealth comes in. We provide services that allow independent providers to gain new patients and retain their current patients so they can focus on what they do best… patient care.

Are you a physician who wants to focus on patient care without getting involved in the complex world of insurance paneling and marketing? Reach out today to learn more about how we give small, independent practices the power to grow – even without the support of a big hospital group.


Benefits to patients

Now more than ever, healthcare consumers are seeking high-quality, patient-focused care at an affordable cost. Independent practices continue to deliver this type of care for every age . 

Healthcare practices that partner with hospitals and health systems create a healthcare monopoly that increases costs and limits patient choice. In contrast, independent practices allow patients to actively participate in their healthcare needs and decisions.

Insurance Carriers

The most popular insurance carriers in the state acknowledge truHealth’s knowledge and skill of their healthcare options. Because of this, we are able to fast-track the paneling process for our physicians.

This allows our partners to offer insurance options that wouldn’t normally be open to them.


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