Serving Faith-Based


Community-Based Health Education Events:

Connecting Your Congregation with Health Solutions. TruHealth Provider Services connects people with healthcare solutions, provides financial peace of mind, and offers protection for future generations. 

Pastors are gifted and devoted to the wellbeing of their congregation. In doing so, you are performing the services which God had prepared you to do.

Bringing learning opportunity to your congregation

When asked the question, “What does being a leader of a congregation mean?” How do you answer? 

Parishioners seek your help regarding important life decisions and health related concerns. Religious leaders are in the unique position of acting as a link for both the physical and spiritual aspects of health 

Your answer is unique to you. However, we generally hear that leaders are devoted to teaching, leading, guiding, and providing for their followers. 

It may be alarming that in many communities, people do not know about the local, state, and federal resources that are available to them. This lack of information can have serious consequences, particularly for minority groups, which are more likely to lack health insurance, knowledge about preventative care, and access to healthcare. 

Through THPS you have an avenue to help promote your devotion by bringing a valuable learning opportunity to your faithful. 

 A community-based health education event in now available in this area at no charge to you. Your families, empty nesters, and elders will see options that are available to them in an atmosphere where they feel valued. 


Who Will Benefit?

  • A single head-of-household who worries that her children won’t be taken care of in case of an accident or death.
  • A young couple who doesn’t know they can get well-child doctor care for their children.
  • A man whose father died of prostate cancer, yet is convinced he can’t afford a PSA.
  • A 54-year-old-woman who hasn’t received her first mammogram.
  • A middle-aged couple who doesn’t want to be a financial burden to their children should either need nursing care.
  • A person turning 65 who has no idea that the government provides healthcare in the form of Medicare.
  • All people who want to learn more about care they need and deserve

The importance of Preventative Care is a big part of this

Together we can help your parishioners get the recommended preventative health care services that will keep them healthy – and living – longer.

Getting preventative care reduces the risk for diseases, disabilities, and death – yet millions of people in the United States don’t get preventative services. During THPSs event we’ll focus on increasing preventative care for members of all ages.
Children need regular well-child visits to track their development and identify problems early.

Services like screenings, and vaccinations are key to keeping people of ages healthy. Yet, the stark reality is that people don’t get the care they need because of the expense, not having a doctor, living too far from providers, and lack of awareness.


As a Faith Leader, with the help of THPS, your congregation will hear from experts about the importance of preventative care and early diagnosis.


Who is THPS?

TruHealth Provider Services (THPS) conducts outreach and education for all people with a focus on minority and disadvantaged communities . These communities often require extra care to ensure that they are given equal access. We educate communities about health care, share solutions that provide peace of mind and ensure that families are protected in a world of uncertainties.

Thanks to our extraordinary partnerships with Faith-based communities we have been able to reach and help countless Americans who have had to suffer without adequate access to health care, life, and other important forms of insurance.