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The Changing Face of Healthcare

As a physician you are well aware of how much our industry has changed in the past decade.  Private Practice doctors are pulled in many directions and often find themselves spending their valuable time on tasks that take them away from of their main focus, their patients.

TruHealth recognized your challenges and brought together a team of experts to create a comprehensive physician services program that allows you to focus your time and energy where is matters most. 

How our physicians benefit

Since its inception, over 250 physicians within the state of Florida have been able to:

  • Save significant money on their marketing expenses
  • Effortlessly find new patients
  • Devote more quality time to each patient
  • Provide better care
  • Be more profitable

Nothing is left to chance, truHealth uses proven, physician tested techniques!


Do you know?

250 Physicians

in the state of Florida are using our proven techniques

4.6+ million

people are enrolled in Medicare in Florida.


Average doctors’ spend every year on Marketing/Patient Acquisition


Number of truHealth Licensed Agents

Meet Our Executive Team


Cesar Chacon 

Managing Partner
 truHealth Provider Services.

With over 20 years in the healthcare industry, Managing Partner Cesar Chacon, began truHealth Provider Services to provide independent healthcare providers with services that allow them to substantially grow their patient base while they focus on what they do best…provide exceptional patient care. 
A strong advocate of pairing those eligible for Medicare with the best plans for their individual situations, Cesar saw a need to help people find and stay with a doctor they are comfortable with. Further, he knew that independent healthcare providers often need help growing their patient base by securing credentials with respected insurance carriers. TruHealth provides a plan that achieves both goals. 
Cesar didn’t stop there; he provides additional 3rd party recourses that help physicians enjoy freedom.  Freedom that comes from utilizing truHealth for patient education, staff training, marketing, and participation in clinical trials.  
Born in Southern California, he learned the definition of hard work and dedication by living on a cattle ranch in New Mexico. After attending the University of New Mexico, Cesar immersed himself in the healthcare world and never looked back. He understands the complexities of the industry and is proud of the ongoing support and educational opportunities he provides his client physicians and those who need their care. 
With truHealth Provider Services, both physicians and their patients benefit.


Saul Insignares

Marketing Director
truHealth Provider Services

TruHealth Provider Services’ Marketing Director, Saul Insignares, found his path to physician services in a unique way.  Originally from Columbia, South America, Saul was able to experience the world as a professional bowler and coach.  He gained business and marketing acumen as a principal for a company that provided products and equipment dedicated to the sport.    
His time as a professional coach ignited his passion for teaching.  Amazed at how many people don’t understand their healthcare options, especially those 65 and more, he turned his devotion toward education.  Now, at truHealth, he utilizes his knowledge and teaching skills to inform physicians about services that allow them to focus on their core business while he and his truHealth colleagues find and educate prospective patients.  This unique and proven approach allows patients to see the healthcare professionals they like and for physicians to grow their practice in a highly cost effective manner. 
Being fluent in Spanish as well as English helps Saul connect with individuals that may not have resources at their disposal. Saul provides what they need to help them make informed decisions regarding their healthcare coverage. People in diverse communities’ benefit as they become familiar with the resources available through the United States government in the form of Medicare.
In addition to bringing patients to the practice’s door, TruHealth provides additional freedom to physicians. As an outside resource, they ensure that internal and external processes are in place to maximize success. This includes staff training, marketing, and participation in clinical trials.


Elaine Lunkes

VP Operations
truHealth Provider Services

Elaine Lunkes honed her leadership, organizational, and marketing skills in over 20 years of management positions.  More importantly, her compassion toward all people led to a career as a licensed insurance agent. Elaine is dedicated to ensuring that people never have to face difficult health challenges with the added fear of an unknown financial future. 
She first got involved with TruHealth because, just like her partners, Cesar and Saul, she saw that there was a need for individuals and providers to become more connected in a meaningful way. As the VP President of Operations at truHealth, Elaine is fulfilling this mission on a large scale.  TruHealth currently partners with more than 200 independent healthcare professionals and is growing quickly due to its proven strategy and track record.
TruHealth Provider Services benefit independent providers by handling the tedious insurance panels/credentialing process. Because of TruHealth’s extensive relationships with respected insurance carriers, they are able to move to the approval phase quickly.
TruHealth’s proactive strategy for bringing patients to the physician’s practice is unique in the healthcare industry. First, they target individuals in a 5–7-mile radius around your physical location. Next, they inform prospective patients of their options during events at your location, within their community, or one-on-one. Patients love the comfort they feel when they find a local doctor who will provide the care and attention they deserve.
And it doesn’t stop with credentialing and patient acquisition, truHealth physicians are guided through clinical trial participation as well as expert staff training, branding, and marketing.

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