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Why Physicians Choose truHealth’s Services

TruHealth’s Physician Services Program provides healthcare practices across the state of Florida with both peace of mind and unmatched revenue. Every step of this comprehensive program is designed to bring in new patients and retain existing patients. This is done through a unique blend of expert insurance credentialing, physician-centric marketing assistance, and more.

We do the heavy lifting, so our physician partners don’t have to. 

As a truHealth practice, you’ll receive a full suite of benefits including Insurance Panel Services, Patient Acquisition, Patient Education, Staff Training, Clinical Trial Research Programs, Marketing Services, and Mobile Integration.

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Patients Acquisition

Why perspective patients like and trust truHealth

TruHealth utilizes local outreach programs and community-based marketing to help practices acquire patients. 

First, we meet with you to discuss the needs of your practice. Then, we develop a strategy to increase your patient base.

Our community outreach experts organize and host events to create leads for your practice. The geographic focus is typically within a five-to-seven-mile radius around your office.

TruHealth does not charge to conduct these event, so the only cost for physicians may be 3rd party event-related fees. 

During the events, prospective patients learn about their options in a comfortable and fun way, often while attending a community meeting, visiting a health fair at the practice location, or visiting with a truHealth consultant in their home or favored location. 

We take care of the details every step of the way. This includes:

  1. Initial contact of perspective communities, organizations, and individuals
  2. Scheduling your events
  3. Identification of participating parties (physicians, office staff, partner specialists, mobile testing units)
  4. Creation and distribution of promotional pieces
  5. Handing RSVP’s
  6. Venue preparation and clean up

Outreach programs are an excellent way to make your future patients feel valued, important, and confident that they are making the right decision regarding their healthcare provider.

Insurance Panel Service

As an independent practice, getting credentialed by multiple insurance carriers can be a tedious process. At truHealth, our relationships and experience make the paneling process simple for our physicians. Not only will we help you get your credentials, but we’ll also find patients that are right for the insurance carriers you’re authorized to work with. This allows you to focus on what matters most – your patients.

Gaining credentials with insurance carriers is an essential part of every practice. TruHealth makes this process easier for our physician partners.

We only work with certified insurance agencies that are fully vetted by truHealth. These agencies and their agents are dedicated to working with physicians and patients within their communities.

At truHealth, we’re experts at targeting those who are making important Medicare decisions and bringing them right to your practice’s door.

Practices have a wide diversity of patients, each with unique needs related to their finances, medications, and health conditions. At truHealth, we understand the benefits and nuances of every insurance carrier we work so that patients are matched with the plan they want and need.


Patient Education

Many folks don’t understand their healthcare insurance options. A surprising number don’t even know the government takes care of their medical needs beginning at the age of 65 with Medicare. 

Our truHealth representatives take the time to understand prospective patients’ individual situation and educate them regarding the solutions that are best for them.

TruHealth understands the nuisances and complexity of healthcare for people of all ages and particularly for patients that are nearing or just past the age of 65. Health insurance is difficult for many to understand and, for some, it’s downright scary. By taking the research burden off the shoulders of individuals, we allow them to better live their lives and enjoy their retirement.


Programs for Physicians

Staff Training

Training is an essential part of every business. Staff training will be provided as needed to develop a cohesive connection between your staff and the patients. 

The practice will be assigned a manager and two exclusive certified agents. These experts will be responsible for developing a program and educating the staff within your practice. Programs typically include training relating to plan benefits, plan changes, medication costs, and advice regarding state assistance.

Clinical Trial Research Programs

Clinical trials benefit doctors, patients, and medical facilities by promoting the advancement and development of medical science.

As part of the truHealth program, we will facilitate the application process, allowing you to actively participate in the development of medicines for your patients. We study, analyze, and compare medications under study or already approved for the consumption of the patient. During the process, we ensure the application requirements are closely adhered to, increasing your opportunity for approval.

Being involved in clinical research programs allows healthcare providers to stay on the cutting edge of medicine. This allows physicians to be exposed to new medical therapies and provide additional options or alternative treatments for their patients. Participating in clinical trials also provides you with access to new patients. Statistics show that those who participate maintain a high percentage of retention during and after the study.

TruHealth’s facilitators are Certified Clinical Coordinators.
The main goal of our clinical trial research program is to meet and exceed the highest quality standards for the information collected. We provide training to ensure protocols and procedures are in compliance with local laws and regulations. The health and well-being of the patient is monitored to quickly identify any event that compromises their health.

TruHealth provides high-level training to maintain high acceptance rates within the research community. 
Our broad range of medical research includes the fields of: Urology, Sexual Health, Obstetrics/Gynecology, Cardiology, Neurology, Psychiatry, Internal Medicine, Family Medicine, Cancer Research, and more.

Mobile Applications Integration

TruHealth provides mobile applications that allow physician’s offices to integrate with their practice software and clinical needs.  We provide a Mobile Marketing Lupped Technology Platform that is custom designed based on your situation. 

Pricing for a customized solution is provided upon request. Your application may include:

  • Customizable graphic design templates
  • Advice on clinical functionalities
  • Configuration of functionalities and content
  • Download in Google Play and/or Apple Store
  • Creation of progressive web app
  • Mobile App Maintenance
  • Unlimited Hosting
  • Support 24/7     
  • App updates
  • Unlimited access to PUSH notifications
  • Unlimited access to customer loyalty coupons
  •  Access to reports and analytics
  •  AppStore Optimization – ASO Positioning
  •  Training campaigns
  •  Social Media Coverage


Why is Healthcare Marketing Important?

Healthcare marketing is important to maintain sustainable growth. It attracts new patients and helps you retain your existing ones. There are likely other healthcare practices in your area that provide the same or relatively similar services. Active marking shows potential patients why you are a much better option than your competitors.

With truHealth marketing, potential, and current patients are introduced to your practice and reminded why you are the best choice for their needs.

Practice Branding

Branding is an important piece of your marketing strategy. Having a clear identity will make your practice easily recognizable and position it above your competitors.

TruHealth will evaluate your current branding and create or enhance your logo if needed. From there, we’ll make sure your branding is consistent, including your business cards, letterhead, printed informational and promotional pieces, and social media presence.

Should you be interested in additional marketing services, we have access to a full staff of marketing experts. Each team member excels in their area of expertise including web-design, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay-Per-Click (PPC), organic and paid Facebook and Instagram, reputation management, television, and radio commercial production, and more.

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