Marketing is an essential tool for any business, including a medical practice. For medical professionals, though, it can feel like a dirty word. As a result, physicians and medical offices frequently struggle to discover innovative and effective strategies to bring in new patients. Practitioners who want to see their practice grow, though, must embrace innovative ways to market it.

Focus on Patient Education

Marketing can simply be a matter of helping patients understand the services offered at the practice. Physicians who provide flexible nasopharyngoscopy, for example, will never get the chance without patients understanding why that matters.

There are many simple tools you can use to promote lesser-known services. For instance:

  • Tents in the lobby that explain the service
  • Posters on exam walls about crucial healthcare issues
  • Social media posts and campaigns
  • Blogs
  • Patient handouts

Word-of-mouth advertising is a powerful asset. Patients who see this information will share it with others and possibly send patients to your door.

Make Having an Online Presence a Priority

Going online will expand the reach of the practice. Administrators need to think beyond having a website, though. Online marketing can include:

  • Listing the practice in online directories and review sites — Studies show that as much as 80 percent of patients search for information about a physician or practice online
  • Have a practice blog — Not only do patients search for health information online, but blogs drive traffic to the practice website.
  • Interact with patients via social media pages — This leads to shares and likes that improve website traffic and rankings in organic searches.

Some healthcare professionals are shy about online ads, but these simple steps can increase awareness and lead to more patients.

Put Technology to Use for Your Practice

You can use in-house tech to provide customer service patients look for in a practice. It doesn’t have to be costly. Something as basic as complimentary Wi-Fi or an online electronic check-in will impress those looking for a new primary care provider or specialist. Invest in waiting room technology, too, like a TV, massage chairs, or even just a coffee machine and water cooler. The overall experience of the patient affects whether or not patients refer others to the practice.

Stay Active in the Community

Connecting with your community will allow you to educate others and broaden your list of patients. For example, you might hold a lecture for children on how to take care of their health and maintain good cleanliness. Parents will appreciate this and seek your advice when they require the services of a doctor.

It is not the degrees hanging on the wall that will build up your patient pool. Ultimately, it comes down to ensuring healthcare consumers know how to find your practice online and offering them exemplary customer service.

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